The 2022 wildfire season is off to quite the start. So far this year major fires have already igniting across Texas, New Mexico, and the Southwest. As we move into the summer months, increasingly warm and dry conditions will continue to fuel the threat of wildfires. The National Inter-agency Fire Center released their fire potential outlook for summer months, predicting an above average fire season for many of the western states. Consequently, the foreboding outlook makes wildfire intelligence gathering even more essential. Already above average and with widespread drought, 2022 fire season shaping up to be a doozy the heels of the equally busy (2021) Fire Season.

A Trusted Wildfire Intelligence Source Replaced was lost during the late season chaos of the Thomas fire. A group of “devout users and former moderators” ultimately decided it was best to spin-off a new website. This website, branded, was created in 2018 as a non-profit with the mission to create a forum for discussing “topics important to the fire community” including wildfire intelligence, jobs, discussions, safety, and health. since 2018

The site saw steady growth of users, page-views, and activity from May through the end of the year. Initial attack and campaign fires were added and updated, especially in the golden hour and first few days when the information was most pertinent. Users and top moderators added many of the new starts and others chiming in with great links, webcams, maps, personal pictures, fire conditions, weather, etc.

2018-Present By the Numbers

User Signups – 7.1k
Topics – 4.4k
Posts – 56k
User Visits – 714k
Total Pageviews – 78.9 million

Top Referred Topics

CA-BTU-Dixie? – 136k
CA-BTU-Dixie(contained) – 96.6k
North Ops Weather-2020 – 83.6k
Wildland Firefighter Entry Level Pay – 81.8k
North Ops Weather-2021 – 78.1k
CA-ENF-Caldor? – 71.7k
CA-SNF-Creek – 68.7k
CA-ENF-Caldor(contained) – 65.9k
South Ops Weather – 2021 – 65.6k
South Ops Weather – 2020 – 64.8k
CFAA Agreement – 46.6k
CA-SHU-Carr (contained) – 44.9k

Wildfire Intelligence Forum Example

An example of how the forum is structured based off geographic regions.

For More Information and How to Register

We are excited to be involved with for the last four years. For more information, please visit the website and/or become more involved by registering.


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