Before you see it on the news,

you’ll know there’s a fire.

When wildfires ignite, RedZone provides the tools, insights and analytics you need to react quickly and effectively.

One foot in the black, one foot in the boardroom.

We like to say that we have “One foot in the black” as our firefighting teams are in the field for most major wildfires and “One foot the boardroom” as our mapping platform is used by executive teams of some of the largest companies in the US.

Harness the power of our platform.

RZAlert’s dashboard is easily customizable and includes features like:

  • Online mapping
  • Email notifications
  • Automated alerts
  • Live data feeds

Share real-time updates with stakeholders and customers.

Wildfires move fast so information changes constantly. RedZone’s communication tools enable you to get critical updates out fast to those impacted.
These tools include:

  • Branded email templates for customers
  • Templates for your internal team with maps and detailed exposure

Gain a clear and instant view of your exposure.

Using innovative modeling techniques and the latest machine learning, we make smart predictions on the impact of a catastrophic event on your assets.

  • Generate real-time estimates of exposures and losses
  • Export reports from the RZAlert Dashboard to Excel and other applications

Partner with RedZone’s intelligence analysts for advanced services

Our analysts provide premium expert support, threat analysis and dispatching to support response programs.

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