Grow your business,

not your risk.

No matter what role you play in risk and portfolio management, our advanced wildfire intelligence and insights allow you a fast, comprehensive and accurate view of how these events impact your assets.

Risk Manager

Everything you need to react to wildfire, all in one place.

Stay ahead of events with early detection, automated threat analysis, notifications and custom updates.

  • Access the data you need in a single environment, with secure anywhere/anytime access.
  • Keep an eye on things with near real-time wildfire tracking.
  • Receive email notifications with event summary and analytics.
  • Communicate updates to internal stakeholders and keep your team and clients informed.
  • Utilize analyst-supported intelligence to make critical decisions.
  • Sync to the Fulcrum mobile app for field inspections.

“RZAlert gives us a rapid but detailed assessment of our customer’s asset exposure before we even see the smoke on the horizon. RZAlert’s maps and weather dashboards give our teams critical intelligence as they head to the fire and as they assess the fire on the ground.”

Chris DusaChief Business Development Officer

Insurance Brokers

In the event of a catastrophe, be your clients’ lifeline.

The RedZone RZAlert Dashboard instantly identifies which of your clients are impacted by a wildfire, earthquake or hurricane and provides powerful communication tools to reach out and keep them informed.

  • Stay on top of a wildfire event with realtime mapping and threat analysis.
  • Get up to speed quickly with our easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Send custom emails with critical details including maps of their home in relation to the event.
  • Contact clients in minutes, not hours.

“When wildfires start burning, we need to act quickly and efficiently. RedZone provides the precise intelligence that I need to make critical decisions on how to deploy our resources and best protect our customers’ homes. The RedZone Intelligence Center plays a critical role in the success of the AIG Wildfire Protection Unit®.”

Deserie ThigpenVice President - Head of Loss Prevention, AIG Personal Lines

Claims Manager

Plan for the worst. Come out ahead.

RedZone’s platform automates the calculation of worst case scenarios and financial analytics so you can react quickly and effectively to a wildfire event.

  • Accurately assess and anticipate exposure and loss.
  • Provide damage and severity projections to stay ahead of claims.
  • Update policyholders and agents with condition reports.
  • Alert inside adjusters and third-party administrators of the potential need to respond.


See the bigger picture, make better decisions.

Use RedZone’s comprehensive and visual underwriting platform to understand the main drivers of the wildfire risk for any location within the U.S.

  • Use our scores to determine frequency, severity and past fire activity.
  • Identify smoke and ember risk.
  • Obtain detailed wildfire history.
  • Accurately identify wildfire exposure for specific properties.
  • Improve efficiency through programmatic monitoring.
  • Make pricing decisions without limiting growth.

Portfolio Managers

Manage your portfolio to your comfort level.

RedZone helps you understand, create and conform business decisions concerning wildfire risk with our reliable and consistent metrics.

  • Build a better risk strategy by diversifying your portfolio.
  • Identify areas of highest concentration of exposed assets
  • Generate damage and severity projections to estimate worst case scenarios
  • Save time while improving accuracy
  • Simplify your data gathering by relying on one source.