Last weekend, RedZone Operations Manager Adam Prell was interviewed and featured at the 2022 Seattle Art Fair.  Presented by RedZone partner, AIG, the fair featured 85 local, national and international galleries across the large Lumen Field event space. On Saturday, RedZone participated in a panel discussion: Managing Art Collections with Today’s Technology. 

art fair panel

Saturday’s Noon Panel at the 2022 Seattle Art Fair

Seattle Art Fair

The discussion centered around trends in appraising, cataloging, and protecting art collections. RedZone chimed in on the implications of climate change, risk, and how insurers and collectors should work together to better manage that risk. As a whole, the panel focused on how insurers work with clients to develop a plan and appropriately protect assets to prepare in the event of a natural disaster. Furthermore, technology has made this process more accurate and efficient. With software capabilities in 2022, collectors may digitally organize their collections on their own and communicate updated information on their assets to the insurer, to avoid loss in a claim.

It’s truly an interesting time to be in the natural disaster space. I don’t see it getting any better. We just have to be better about how we’re preparing for it, reacting, and looking at risks in the long term. — Adam Prell, RedZone Operations

With more collectors concerned about natural disasters, Adam shared a unique perspective on how partners such as RedZone play a role in protecting art collections. The panel reiterated that many are not properly prepared in the event of a natural disaster. As a result, investor’s art assets are difficult to protect. With that in mind, Adam stressed the importance that technology plays in not only disaster monitoring but also in communicating vital intelligence to the hands of the people who can be proactive and actually mitigate losses. Considering RedZone’s unique position, this was unsurprisingly not the first time RedZone has been featured in such discussions.

Managing Art Collections with Today’s Technology

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