RedZone, the leader in wildfire risk hazard modeling, has announced that its proven RZRISK wildfire model has been approved in a rule filing in Nevada. Nevada joins Oregon, and Montana as states that have also approved rule filings for RZRISK.

Approved Product Filing

Insurance product filings are thoroughly reviewed by each state department of insurance to protect consumers and ascertain compliance with state law. With each state’s approval, RedZone’s RZRisk model can more easily be justified for use. Namely, by our clients directly and indirectly through our partnerships with third party customers.


RZRisk provides an accurate assessment of loss potential to better inform your underwriting decisions. Using proven wildfire science RZRisk delivers the most accurate wildfire insights in the market. Whether you are working to avoid wildfire risk or accept and price for it, RedZone’s detailed insights support a wide range of business goals and strategies. With our products you can:

  • Underwrite with confidence utilizing our wildfire model.
  • Calculate Average Annual Loss (AAL) for individual properties.
  • Effectively manage your concentration.
  • Identify opportunities to align portfolios with strategic goals.
  • Build a better wildfire strategy using a portfolio-wide view
  • Set a premium that will deliver a profit.

At RedZone we understand the complete state of wildfire, the future impact of climate change on wildfire risk, and are working day in and day out with insurers to better manage that risk.

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