Though Covid-19 dominates the news cycle these days, it is important to be aware of the other threats facing Americans as we move into Spring. Today we will be talking Tornadoes, which have already caused some deadly damage this year ahead of the peak season. As of this writing, 34 people have already lost their lives to tornadoes in the US.

Tornado Outbreak of January 10-11

We previously wrote that at RedZone, we start preparing for tornado season around early February. This year, one of the largest tornado outbreaks on record happened in early January. The National Weather Service confirmed 79 tornados from Central Texas through Georgia, making the outbreak the third largest on record. The outbreak claimed 7 lives and caused over $1 Billion in damages.

Tennessee Tornadoes on March 3

Overnight tornadoes, including a terrible near-EF4 rated monster in the Nashville area, killed 26 people and collapsed over 40 buildings. See our previous blog on the outbreak for more details.

Seasonal Outlook

Preliminary Tornado Forecast for 2020 Compared to Previous Years

The Storm Prediction Center has forecast an above average year for Tornadoes. Tornado prediction is limited, but weather patterns that cause large, powerful thunderstorms give a hint to what the season will look like. In February, there were 51 tornado reports, which is well above the historical average of 29 for the month.

Be Prepared

Visit READY.GOV/TORNADOES for tips on how to prepare your home, business, and family for the threats before, during, and after a tornado.


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