Welcome to RedZone, to three new Intel Analysts!

RedZone is pleased to announce our Intel Analyst team has grown in 2022. Riley Schmidtke, Nicole Niemynski, and Nic Luncsford, will all be serving as Intel Analysts curating our disaster intel and providing analysis to our growing list of clientele.

RedZone Intel Analyst, Riley Schmidtke

Riley joins us from North Shore, Oahu with years of experience in both GIS and in standing up PG&E’s wildfire program and emergency operations center. In his free time Riley can be found landscaping, surfing, playing with the dogs, and foiling (motorized surfing). Riley’s passion and instincts for technology and wildfire have brought him to RedZone where we’re happy to have his past expertise to immediately help our team. Overall, we look forward to working with him on improving our systems and software.


RedZone Intel Analyst, Nicole Niemynski

Nicole comes to us with a background in intelligence as an analyst in Global Security and with the FBI. She brings to RedZone a can-do attitude and reliability from her time in a 24/7 operations center and as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. Residing near Seattle, Washington, Nicole focuses her free time reading, camping, mountain biking, and cat-hearding to name a few. Nicole’s passion and kind heart can be found via her volunteer work with numerous organizations, including county-level emergency medical response groups, local hospitals and animal shelters.


RedZone Intel Analyst, Nicholas Luncsford

nicNic joins our group with an extensive background working in emergency services and disaster relief while working on important teams doing hazard planning, site operations, response coordination, and as an EMT. As a result, Nic has an enthusiasm for serving the greater good and the background to contribute to RedZone’s cause immediately. Residing in Sacramento, Nic’s free time mostly consists of weight lifting, reading, video games, anything outdoors (camping, hiking, kayaking), and going to drive-in movies. Nic’s passion for learning has led him to tackle speaking multiple other languages including Spanish, French and ASL.


Please join us in welcoming Riley, Nicole, and Nicholas to our team — We couldn’t be more thrilled!

About RedZone

These new additions and all of our staff exemplify RedZone’s Core Values

  • Be an Instinctive Technologist
  • Be Absolutely Reliable
  • Have a Can-Do Attitude
  • Serve the Greater Good
  • Love Process
  • Seek Continuous Improvement

We provide the most accurate, reliable, and up-to-date wildfire intelligence, value added analysis and field support. Subsequently, we serve clients by aiding in the protection of property and assets, enhancing customer engagement and improving financial performance. RedZone is on a mission to help companies to build more resilient portfolios from wildfires in a changing climate and world.

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