Late Tuesday (5/10) Fort McMurray Fire officials were optimistic regarding the status of the devastating blaze. The worst of the fire activity near McMurray, which has spanned ten days, is now under control according to Chief Darby Allen who updated the public in a video posted last night. Allen said “We think we’ve got this thing beat in McMurray.” With that good news, officials are now working on plans to re-open Highway 63, repair infrastructure, and return the estimated 80,000 evacuees to their homes in the fire-ravaged city.  Crops of fresh firefighters are arriving this week to give the exhausted fire crews some relief as the now over-565,000 acre fire is still active to the south of Fort McMurray and the firefight there continues.


Fort McMurray Fire Statistics

Google’s Crisis Map has an event map page which has outlined the most impacted neighborhoods in Fort McMurray. We at RedZone have estimated the fire perimeter and outlined those neighborhoods in the web map below. Digital Globe has also published new satellite imagery this week showing the destructive impact of the fire in those neighborhoods. The reported structure loss is estimated at 2,400 since the fire began.


Fort McMurray Fire perimeter and damaged neighborhoods


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