Last week, Redzone celebrated its first-ever company retreat in Palm Springs, California. It is the first time everyone from the company was in a central location, especially since the pandemic and the start of mostly remote work. It was a huge accomplishment to be under one roof, collaborating and enjoying time with our coworkers.

Throughout the retreat, we centered ourselves around the themes of context, connection, and alignment. Some coworkers had never interacted with one another, so we wanted to take advantage of our time together. We have employees from all over the US from Hawaii to the East Coast. We began our time focusing on diversity and intersectional identity introductions, and getting to know one another. The team took advantage of Palm Springs, partaking in a Scavenger Hunt throughout the historic Hollywood stars’ favorite destination.

The retreat was not only fun in the sun but allowed everyone to participate in round table discussions on the present and future state of the company. We were able to brainstorm for our current client services and our upcoming product roadmap. Intelligence analysts had the chance to work with tech developers to think outside the box and contribute different skill sets. We worked on conceptualizing ideas into hopefully, actionable products or features.

We left the weekend feeling refreshed, grateful, and excited to get back to work. Special thanks to our CEO Clark for making this possible!

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