On average, the Atlantic Ocean produces 10.1 named storms annually. 17 named storms and $53.5 billion in damages so far with 2021 Hurricanes. For a second year in a row, that’s well over the 20-year average of 41.55 billion. That’s already more in damage than the $51 billion last year’s record 30 storms caused. Making landfall on August 29th near Port Fourchon, LA,  Hurricane Ida accounted for the vast majority of this summer’s damages, at over $50 billion.

2021 Hurricanes So Far

Starting this season, the National Hurricane Center released their season outlook two weeks earlier than usual. The previous six years, there had been a named storm before the previous June 1st start of season. Most forecasts called for total storms in the upper teens with 3-4 major hurricanes this year. Midseason, with a weak La Nina forecast, final forecasts suggested 18 named storms with 7 hurricanes and 3 major. Four months later, there have 17 named storms with 6 making hurricane strength, and 3 of those to the ‘Major’ category.

Map of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season’s 17 Named Storms so far

What’s Left of the 2021 Hurricane Season

With two months to go in the season, and a La Niña looking likely again, we could see a second straight year of additional names if a 21st storm is named. Subsequently, more storms would mark the use of new additional names after earlier WMO (World Meteorological Organization) retired the use of the Greek Alphabet. Unfortunately, 2021 Hurricanes could be far from over.

17 Names have already been used in 2021


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