A 2018 survey by Firehouse Magazine identified the 100 busiest fire stations in the nation in terms of call volume. Using the survey, RedZone has mapped out the top ten. See the interactive map below for more details. Also, see 2012’s busiest fire departments in RedZone’s previous blog.

busy fire stations

Top Ten Busiest U.S. Fire Stations in 2018

Breakdown of Call Volume:

The majority of fire station runs are EMS/Rescue calls which are generally medical aids or car collision types. As of 2017, a FEMA study of fire department call data found that 64% of all fire station runs nationwide were EMS/Rescue calls. These were followed by ‘Good Intent’ calls and ‘False alarms’ at 11.3 and 8.2% of calls. Interestingly, actual fires only make up 4.2% of the total call runs for fire departments.




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