Multiple Disasters One Source
From fires, tornadoes, and floods to hurricanes and earthquakes - we have you covered.
Identify Wildfire Hazard
Ensure policy premiums and underwriting guidelines correctly reflect the potential wildfire hazard.
We create intelligence.
Stay ahead of the news with our real-time disaster coverage.

A natural disaster doesn't have to be YOUR crisis
Let RedZone's technology and emergency management expertise help you understand the impact of disasters on your assets

Disaster Intelligence

RZAlert is a hosted service for analyzing the effect of multiple natural disasters on your assets in real-time.

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Wildfire Underwriting

RZRisk is a wildfire hazard identification service and risk model for Property and Casualty Insurers.

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Geospatial Platform

The GeoPlatform provides a secure geospatial asset hosting platform for instant analysis with RZAlert.

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Mobile Apps

RZMobile is a Apple iPad app to capture field assessments using flexible forms and offline mapping.

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Manage the impact of disasters on your assets with RZAlert

RZAlert gives you easy to understand, real time insight into the effect of disasters on your organization's assets.

Geospatial Insight

RedZone's intelligence experts don't just rehash the news. They apply the latest tools and technology to data gathered from hundreds of sources in order to paint a clear picture of an unfolding disaster.

Automate Exposure Calculations

Knowing where a disaster is happening is only half the battle. RZAlert allows you to actually envision the impact on your assets. Work with RZAlert experts to design simple and intuitive analysis. Alerts are delivered to your inbox or accessible through our secure online portal.

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Wildfire underwriting solutions with RZRisk

Make smarter underwriting decisions to manage your wildfire exposure.

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Based in Fire Science

Extreme wildfire events with catastrophic home losses are becoming more common every year. To reduce exposure to loss, insurance companies must ensure that policy premiums and underwriting guidelines correctly reflect the potential hazard. RedZone's RZRisk service identifies wildfire hazards by evaluating a number of factors which correlate to structure loss. This includes both the immediate hazard near a property as well as its proximity to areas capable of producing significant ember showers.

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RZMobile has rapid offline field assessments

Get your teams prepared and properly tasked as they head into disaster areas for damage assessments.

Flexible Field Assessments

RZMobile's flexible architecture allows you to create multiple field assessments tailored to the need at hand. From individual home assessments for wildfire education to post hurricane damage assessments. RZmobile has you covered.

Offline base maps

Response teams need to be self-sufficient and aware because working in a disaster area can be dangerous business. That is why RZMobile supports custom offline base maps and data collection.

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