Industry-leading wildfire exposure platform

RZExposure provides unrivaled clarity for potential property damage using a comprehensive wildfire modeling platform.

Underwrite with Confidence

Our expanded approach goes beyond scoring by including insightful factors that ensure RZExposure out-performs traditional methods insurers have used to manage wildfire risk:

  • Data-driven risk calculations PLUS:
  • Calculations that account for urban conflagration
  • High-resolution modeling
  • Ember modeling
  • Correlated risk zones

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How We Model
The RedZone Difference

RZExposure provides unrivaled, risk-based wildfire modeling tools that assist underwriters during the quoting and renewal process, portfolio managers managing accumulated risk, and to develop reinsurance strategies.

Strategically Manage Capacity

Writing individual properties without understanding the potential accumulated risk in a local geographic area can lead to losses that affect company profitability. On the other hand, uninformed fear can result in knee-jerk reactions to stop writing business in areas with wildfire exposure, which can results in missed financial opportunity. Our model allows you to set appropriate limits in every area you insure, so you replace worry with assurance you’re prepared for the unexpected wildfire event.

Identify Accumulated Risk

Changes in urban density mean that losses are greater in the event that a fire advances into urban boundaries. We help you visualize how individual wildfires can impact homes across the varying landscapes and understand the potential impact of accumulation losses. Our technology allows you to set probable maximum loss (PML) thresholds to identify areas where wildfire risk can be financially managed to account for the possibility of a total area loss.

Nationwide Data

We understand that wildfire risk is not just a problem in Western states—it’s a nationwide issue that has grown in cost and overall destruction each year. Wildfires cost the U.S. $17.5 billion in the past 10 years — and nearly $12 billion of those losses occurred between the months of October and December of 20171. With more than 4.5 million homes currently at risk throughout the United States, that number is expected to grow exponentially1. RZExposure delivers analysis for all 50 states, ensuring all insurers have the data they need to make decisions.

1Short, Karen C.; Finney, Mark A.; Scott, Joe H.; Gilbertson-Day, Julie W.; Grenfell, Isaac C. 2016. Spatial dataset of probabilistic wildfire risk components for the conterminous United States. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.
  • Build a Smarter Wildfire Strategy Build a Smarter Wildfire Strategy
    RZExposure gives you the most functional tools to strategically manage your asset portfolio, prepare for any scenario and always protect your bottom line.
  • Make Better Wildfire Reinsurance Decisions Make Better Wildfire Reinsurance Decisions
    Reinsurance decisions have an impact on your ROI. Make smart decisions with high-resolution modeling that creates a true picture of your wildfire risk.
  • Know Your Financial Risk Know Your Financial Risk
    Quickly and easily determine Average Annual Loss (AAL) for an individual location or Probable Maximum Loss (PML) for an entire zone in the event of wildfire.
  • Create Realistic Loss Limitations Create Realistic Loss Limitations
    Set probable maximum loss and capacity thresholds to identify regions where wildfire liability can be safely increased or exposure needs to be reduced.
Critical Risk Factors RZExposure Traditional Modeling
Severity Risk Score
Frequency Rating
Ember Modeling
Structure-to-Structure Loss Risk
Average Annual Loss
Probable Maximum Loss
Past Fire History

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