Industry-leading wildfire exposure platform

RZExposure provides unrivaled clarity for potential property damage using a comprehensive wildfire modeling platform.

Product Features

Underwrite With Confidence

Wildfire impact ranges from small low-intensity fires to severe landscape-changing events—your underwriting decisions should reflect this reality. RZExposure gives you the insight to make informed decisions about individual properties and accumulated risk in the area.

Strategically Manage Capacity

Writing individual properties without understanding the accumulated risk can lead to losses that affect company profitability and can result in knee-jerk reactions to stop writing business in entire regions. There is a better way. Our model and platform uses wildfire simulations and industry standard techniques to bring wildfire modeling to a higher level of sophistication.

Visualize Accumulated Risk

We help you visualize how individual wildfires can impact homes across the varying landscapes and help you limit accumulation and future losses. Our technology allows you to set probable maximum loss (PMLs) thresholds to identify areas where liability can be increased while maintaining acceptable exposure to extreme losses.

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Make Strategic Decisions

RZExposure gives you the most functional tools to strategically manage your asset portfolio.

Calculate AAL/PML

Determine Average Annual Loss (AAL) for an individual location or Probable Maximum Loss (PML) for a zone.

Offset Risk

When a wildfire zone holds too much risk to a single event, purchase reinsurance to better manage the worst case scenario.

Set Capacity Thresholds

Set probable maximum loss and capacity thresholds to identify regions where liability can be safely increased.
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