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Stay on top of events during wildfire season with RZAlert.

RZAlert, our wildfire data and intelligence software, provides fast threat analysis specific to your assets.

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How we can help

RZAlert delivers clean, information-rich wildfire intelligence to your inbox and/or through our online dashboard. The platform easily customized core components, including:

  • Online mapping
  • Email notifications
  • Live data feeds

Automated alerts and analytics can be generated to efficiently meet the needs of your stakeholders.

RZAlert Dashboard

  • Secure, real-time online insights and key analytics specific to your assets

  • Analyst-produced event summaries

  • Easily identifiable on-screen policy information

  • Event ranking based on asset risk

  • Customizable template and messaging

Customizable Email Notifications

  • Automatic calculations, including count, total insured value and more

  • Embedded mapping combined with the weather dashboard create a complete view

  • Flexible Templates

  • Secure downloads for policy or asset data

  • Cost-effective customization for different audiences and regions

Secure Online Asset Hosting

The cornerstone of any exposure analysis depends on being able to accurately locate your assets. RedZone’s hosted GeoPlatform is a secure server and robust data network that keeps complex asset data up to date and instantly available for automated exposure calculations.

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Chris Dusa

“RZAlert gives us a rapid but detailed assessment of our customer’s asset exposure before we even see the smoke on the horizon. RZAlert’s maps and weather dashboards give our teams critical intelligence as they head to the fire and as they assess the fire on the ground.”

Chris DusaChief Business Development Officer
Deserie Thigpen

“When wildfires start burning, we need to act quickly and efficiently. RedZone provides the precise intelligence that I need to make critical decisions on how to deploy our resources and best protect our customers’ homes. The RedZone Intelligence Center plays a critical role in the success of the AIG Wildfire Protection Unit®.”

Deserie ThigpenVice President - Head of Loss Prevention, AIG Personal Lines