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Natural disaster catastrophe is the number one threat to financial performance for property insurers.

Wildfires in the U.S. occur more frequently and with greater severity. As a result, wildfire mitigation, monitoring, reporting and response have become areas of increasing priority.

Our solutions were created to help you navigate the complexities of wildfire with confidence.

Wildfire Dynamics
The financial and competitive environment in today’s insurance marketplace presents significant challenges for underwriters. Our technology allows underwriters to confidently make decisions that will drive profitable growth.

Evaluate policies with efficiency and accuracy with RedZone.
Claims Managers
RedZone’s combined suite of products and services are designed to address the internal and external challenges faced during natural disasters. Understand your at-risk assets so that you can deploy the appropriate resources for your policyholders during or after a wildfire.
Catastrophe Risk Managers
We’ll help you decrease the time and effort required to analyze, filter and track wildfires in relation to insured property. Equip your team, enhance your data processes and confidently make recommendations with RedZone.
Communication is crucial for building trust and retaining customers. With RedZone, you’ll know when your client’s property is at risk. We take all risk factors into consideration to help you accurately communicate the risk to your clients and their home.
Agent Alert Dashboard
We’ll help you develop reinsurance strategies and understand where you need to divert risk to manage company growth. Know where exposure needs to be reduced by setting probable maximum loss and capacity thresholds.