Our Unique Approach

Accuracy and predictability are essential to effective wildfire modeling. The standard method of underwriting policies based solely upon a single score creates enormous financial risk for insurers writing in wildfire-prone areas.

RZExposure is a risk-based wildfire modeling platform that takes the guesswork out of decision-making, allowing insurers to underwrite with confidence.

Risk Assessment

Severity Risk Scores

We account for the traditional score based on factors such as wildfire frequency and history.

Frequency Rating

RZExposure’s modeling quantifies how often wildfires are expected for a specific location.

Ember Modeling

Unlike our competitors, our scoring includes the risk of a fire breaking containment via drifting embers and the projected path of those embers.

Structure-to-Structure Loss Risk

We look at the proximity of houses and structures in each zone and the projected financial risk of fire jumping from structure to structure.

Past Fire History

Our scoring includes the history of wildfires in an area — how they burn, how long it takes to achieve containment, average loss, etc.

Urban Conflagration

Our scoring uses fire shed analysis that incorporates the risk of a wildfire’s transition into urban areas, including structure-to-structure loss, ember scoring and accumulated risk.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Risk Zones

Our risk-correlated interactive zone map enables understanding and risk management of single events in specific areas.

Average Annual Loss

RZExposure will help you understand how much projected loss is expected in a specific area each year.

Probable Maximum Loss

Our risk-modeling can predict the maximum amount of loss projected for a specific area.

High-Resolution Modeling

RZExposure applies a high-resolution probability map including a vulnerability module, at a 30m resolution giving you accuracy where it matters most.

Capacity Thresholds

RZExposure allows you to set capacity thresholds — managing the overall value and risk tolerance you are willing to accept — and triggers business rules as your portfolio grows.

Accumulated Risk

Our platform provides a “big picture” look at how much an insurer stands to lose in different zones in the event of a catastrophic wildfire.
A New Standard for
Wildfire Modeling

RZExposure leverages these factors to create a true, evidence-driven risk score that is uniquely tailored to wildland fire. With our platform, your team can make accurate determinations regarding:

Premium Capture
Capacity Thresholds
Reinsurance Ceding

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