Secure Geospatial Hosting – GeoPlatform
Your assets on the map with our secure data hosting and services.

The RedZone GeoPlatform is a secure automated asset hosting system with the flexibility to meet your unique business portfolio. From homes, art collections, automobile, public utility assets, telecom, the GeoPlatform is the geospatial foundation for your catastrophe management program.


Data security and reliability are core values in our GeoPlatform – that is why RedZone utilizes redundant physical and technological systems to protect clients’ databases and accounts. The GeoPlatform is hosted in multiple SAS 70 data centers, and we take a layered approach to data security including redundant secure servers, hardware, power, and network paths to ensure up-time in the event of a single failure. Additionally, RedZone’s IT team will work with you to encrypt highly sensitive data elements upon request.


Accurate asset mapping is essential in any effective disaster response program. The failure to identify, notify, or respond to an asset in the path of disaster can undermine the value of your catastrophe management efforts. GeoScoring is an innovative system for analyzing and ranking the accuracy of your asset data. Inaccurate mapping can occur due to limited address validation at policy inception, manual data errors, and a host of other sources. Errors lead to less precise underwriting and incorrect ratings for wildfire, earthquake, and other risks. RedZone’s GeoScoring product helps you identify and correct errors in your asset data.


Assets hosted in the GeoPlatform can be accessed and analyzed for multiple purposes including:

  • Using RZAlert and the GeoPlatform to generate automated alerts and exposure analysis for all types of perils
  • Overlaying your existing policy locations when underwriting
  • Online web-mapping for Claims teams to show the relationship between loss events and policies