Provide outstanding customer service when disaster strikes

The Agent Alert Dashboard equips brokerages and agencies to
provide superior customer service as natural disasters unfold.
Your team will be alerted, informed and empowered to
deliver the right message at the right time—all in one easy-to- use platform.

Good Data Powers Great Customer Service

The Agent Alert Dashboard delivers targeted, relevant information on natural disasters that threaten your customers’ properties right to your inbox. Our intuitive platform:

  • Alerts agents about relevant properties
  • Delivers clean, location-based data
  • Provides important information on at-risk properties
  • Facilitates templated, timely communications with customers

Great Customer Service Begins and Ends with Communication

As disasters unfold, your customers need to know when their property is at risk and what action to take. Now you can tell them—every time.

  • Send templated emails from the Dashboard
  • Communicate risks and set expectations
  • Offer tips to minimize losses, like closing windows and turning off AC units to reduce exposure to smoke
  • Empower your entire team to communicate vital information with a single platform

Secure Online Asset Hosting

The cornerstone of any exposure analysis depends on being able to accurately locate your assets. RedZone’s hosted GeoPlatform is a secure server and robust data network that keeps complex asset data up to date and instantly available for automated exposure calculations.

See how the Agent Alert Dashboard can empower your team.