About RedZone Software

By providing the most accurate, reliable, and up-to-date wildfire intelligence, value added analysis and field support, we can serve our clients and their clients by aiding in the protection of property and assets, enhancing customer engagement and improving financial performance.


RedZone Software was founded in 2002 by Clark Woodward, a geographer, and volunteer firefighter. Clark’s first opportunity in the geospatial industry was at the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colorado, and his experience in crisis mapping led him to found RedZone, with the mission of providing intelligence analysis about disaster events throughout the U.S. and abroad.

RedZone’s first software was a handheld data collection application (RZSurvey) specifically designed for fire departments to assess home defensibility in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Clark pioneered this project as a WUI resident outside of Boulder, Colorado, and a member of the Four Mile Fire Department. The RedZone home assessment initiative formed the foundation for a series of pre-planning maps cached in each department station. Today RedZone offers and continues to innovate a suite of software products designed to provide our customers the visibility and information they need to be informed and make important business decisions before, during and after natural disaster events.


In 2011, RedZone Software opened an operations control center (RZIntel) in San Diego, California. Through RZIntel, RedZone’s suite of software products is supported by a team of experienced incident management specialists who provide our customers with interactive decision support and analysis when assets are threatened by an impending natural disaster.

Our Products and Services

Our core focus is enabling our customers to understand and quantify the potential risk to their assets, to manage the risk, to respond rapidly to incidents, to protect their assets and mitigate damage claims. While RedZone historically has focused on the wildland fire and public safety markets, the company has expanded to support all natural hazards. Our products provide integrated risk-analysis, real-time alerts and incident management tools that facilitate response planning, improve public relations, mitigate risk and reduce loss.

Corporate Values

At RedZone, we like to say that we keep one foot in the black and one foot in the boardroom – and it is not a cliche: We process and analyze disparate and complex natural disaster information early and efficiently providing valuable and relevant situation awareness supporting business decisions, response activity and executives briefings.

RedZone cares about the community. You’ll find our staff volunteering as emergency responders for local Incident Management Teams and available to respond to major disasters in our communities and region. During the 2013 Boulder Flood, RedZone created a free iOS app that allowed local first responders to navigate through the devastating floods that spilled over Boulder Creek and the surrounding watersheds and communities.